PRO Services

What is PRO?

The term PRO services refers to Public Relations Officials operating within the Personnel Affairs Department. These professionals are tasked in ensuring the implementation of government protocols, focusing on employers and how strictly they adhere to all legal requirements and regulations governing labor relations in the country.

We guide you through the important legal steps required by the Department of Economic Development (DED), while ensuring that the renewing licenses, visas, labor agreements, and immigration requirements are all taken care of for a simplified procedure. The Documents Clearing PRO makes sure your business starts well and runs smoothly as you go through your entrepreneurial journey.

pro services dubai, anisha group of companies
Pro Services Dubai

Different PRO Services

Employee Visas Processing

Simplifying visa applications for a hassle-free experience for employees moving or joining the workforce.

Employment Labor Cards

An employment labor card is an official document issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE). We ensure in complying with labor laws, handling documentation and resolving issues in relation to the management of employment labor cards.

Family Residency Visas & Renewals

Ensuring assistance in providing and renewing family residency visas and guiding you through the process in a simplified manner.

Visa Cancellations

We make the procedure of visa cancellations easier when needed ensuring a smooth transition in the process.

Renewal/Modification of the Trading License

Securing professional assistance for the renewal or modification of trading licenses is crucial to ensuring the smooth continuity of your business operations.

Immigration Card

An immigration card is an important document for the individuals residing here, our experts ensure essential support for immigration cards, guiding clients through document preparation, application processing, and renewal procedures.

NOCs from Government Bodies

PRO services simplify the NOC process by managing applications, collaborating with government bodies, and ensuring adherence to regulations. Our fast paced and efficient services simplifies NOC procurement for clients.

Personalized PRO Services

  1. Approvals from government agencies 
  2. Approval of trade name
  3. Court Agreement Letter/ Notary
  4. UAE Business License Services
  5. Certificate attestation 
  6. Contract Clearance
  7. Labor department paperwork
  8. Immigration department paperwork
  9. Economic department paperwork
  10. Municipality paperwork
pro services dubai, anisha group
Pro Services Dubai, Anisha group

Corporate PRO Services

Department of Economic Development:

Assisting businesses with document management and government coordination. From trade license applications to renewals, we simplify administrative processes for efficient business operations.

Chamber of Commerce:

Our corporate PRO services specialize in managing essential business documents, coordinating with relevant authorities, and navigating administrative procedures. We help people connect, support, and grow their businesses by coordinating together.

Ministry of Labor:

Our services include managing procedures about labor, directing workforce related documentation and facilitating government communication. From work permit applications to renewals, we ensure efficient compliance, allowing businesses to focus on their core activities.

UAE Embassy:

Embassy attestation for the UAE is the procedure of validating and verifying a document for utilization within the UAE. This entails acquiring an official stamp or seal from the UAE embassy or consulate situated in the country of the document’s origin. We ensure in complying and facilitating the procedure of legalizing the document to be accepted by the official authorities in the UAE.

Judicial Courts Authorities:

Our services focus on managing the attestation processes for legal documents bound for the UAE. Liaising with judicial authorities, navigating complex procedures and maintaining the integrity of the legal system.

Immigration & Naturalization Department:

Our dedicated team of experts focus on various tasks related to immigration processes which include visa processing, managing work permits and residence permits, serving as intermediaries between clients and immigration authorities, issue resolution and compliance management.

General Department for Residency and Foreigners Affairs:

GDRFA oversees Dubai’s immigration, playing a pivotal role in processing visas, and residency permits, and fostering a welcoming environment for foreigners. Our services ensure meticulous record-keeping, issue resolution, and compliance management that are integral.

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