UAE Trade License Services

UAE trade license services offerings for both new and renewed UAE change license offerings. Entrust us with the entire process, and we will efficiently acquire and maintain the accuracy and currency of your business licenses.

DED Works focused on Trade Licenses, assisting with both new license applications and renewals. Let us take care of the documentation clearing and compliance responsibilities, ensuring the precision and legitimacy of your business licenses.

DED Works provides extensive services for both new and renewed Trade Licenses. We manage every aspect of the process, ensuring the efficient acquisition and ongoing maintenance of your business licenses.

DET works trade license
UAE Trade License Services

Our Services

Trade Name Reservation:
Secure your unique business identity with our seamless trade name reservation services.

More than One Amendment:
Easily make multiple amendments to your business details for comprehensive customization and compliance.

New Trade License Issuance:
Obtain your new trade license hassle-free with our efficient and streamlined application process.

License Renewal:
Ensure business continuity by renewing your license promptly through our user-friendly renewal procedures.

Issue Initial Approval:
Swiftly receive the initial approval required to kickstart your business operations without delays.

Licenses Printing:
Get professional and error-free license printing services for a polished and official business representation.

Reserved Trade Name Renewal:
Extend the reservation of your exclusive trade name effortlessly with our convenient renewal options.

License Cancellation:
Seamlessly cancel your license when needed, ensuring a straightforward and compliant process.

Amendment License:
Modify your license details as needed with our straightforward amendment services for business adaptability.

Manage License Contact Details:
Keep your license information up-to-date by easily managing and updating your contact details.

Complete Transaction Processed:
Experience a smooth and efficient end-to-end transaction process for all your licensing needs.

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