Family Visa Renewal Dubai

The complexities of family visa renewal in Dubai are pivotal for expatriate residents. This process ensures uninterrupted legal residency for families, contributing to stability and well-being.

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Understanding the renewal intricacies, grace periods, and necessary documentation is essential for a seamless and successful renewal journey.

family visa dubai
family visa dubai

Family Visa Renewal Process

Renewing a family visa in Dubai is a straightforward yet essential process to ensure the legal status of your dependents in the country. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Check Visa Expiry Date

  • Begin by checking the expiration date of the current family visa.
  • It’s crucial to start the renewal process well in advance to avoid any legal complications.

Gather Required Documents

  • Collect necessary documents, including passports of family members, a valid Emirates ID, proof of relationship, and the original tenancy contract.

Complete the Visa Renewal Application Form

  • Fill out the visa renewal application form accurately.

Submission to Immigration Authorities

  • Submit the completed application form along with the required documents to the immigration authorities in Dubai.
  • Choose authorized typing centers or online portals for a streamlined submission process.

Visa Renewal and Stamping

Visa Stamping and Its Importance

Once the renewal application is approved, the next crucial step is visa stamping. Understanding this process is vital for a successful family visa renewal.

Visa Stamping Procedure

  • After approval, the immigration authorities will stamp the renewed visa on the passports of family members.
  • Ensure that all details on the stamped visa are accurate.

Passport With Residence Visa

  • The stamped passport with the residence visa serves as the official documentation for the renewed family visa.
  • Family members need to carry their passports at all times.

Dependant Visa Renewal and Cancellation

Addressing Dependent Visa Renewal and Cancellation

For dependents such as children or spouses, the process of renewal or cancellation follows specific guidelines.

Dependant Visa Renewal

  • The steps for renewing dependant visas align with the family visa renewal process.
  • Ensure timely submission of documents and completion of the necessary paperwork.

Dependent Visa Cancellation

  • If a dependent is leaving the country permanently, their visa should be canceled.
  • This process involves submitting a cancellation application and relevant documents to the immigration authorities.
cost of family visa
cost of family visa

Fees and Processing Considerations

Understanding Fees and Dealing with Processing Delays

Residence Visa Renewal Fees

  • Be aware of the applicable residence visa renewal fees for each family member.
  • These fees may vary based on factors such as the duration of the renewal.

Processing Fees

  • Apart from visa renewal fees, there might be additional processing fees.
  • Ensure that you are aware of the complete cost involved in the renewal process.

Delays in Processing

  • While the visa renewal process is typically efficient, occasional delays may occur.
  • Factors such as incomplete documentation or increased application volume can contribute to delays.

Types Of Visa

  • Residence Visas
  • Family Visas
  • investors
  • Resident Visa
  • Current Visa

10-Year Family Golden Visa

  • A long-term residency program allows families to live in a country for ten years.
  • Grants multiple family members the right to reside and work.

10-Year Golden Family Visa

  • Extended residency for families, providing a ten-year stay with work and living privileges.
  • A golden opportunity for families seeking a stable and extended presence in a country.

5-Year Tourist Visa

  • A visa allows tourists to stay in a country for five years.
  • Ideal for frequent travelers and those wishing to explore an area extensively.

60-Day Single-Entry Or Multiple-Entry Visa

  • Options for short-term visits with a 60-day validity.
  • Choose between a single-entry or multiple-entry visa for flexibility in travel plans.

10-Year Family Visa

  • Long-term residency solution for families, offering a ten-year stay with work and living rights.
  • Simplifies the process for families seeking extended residence.

5-Year Retirement Visa

  • A visa is designed for retirees, allowing a five-year stay with specific benefits.
  • Provides retirees with a comfortable and extended period to enjoy their chosen destination.

Eligibility and Requirements

General Eligibility Criteria

To initiate the Family Visa Renewal process, certain eligibility criteria must be met:

  • The sponsoring family member must hold a valid residence visa.
  • The relationship with the sponsored family member (spouse, children, etc.) should be legally recognized.

Documentation Requirements

The documentation needed for Family Visa Renewal includes:

  • Valid passports of all family members
  • Passport-size photographs
  • Valid Emirates ID cards
  • Health insurance for each family member
family residence renewal uae
family residence renewal uae

Specific Visa Categories

Dependent Visa Renewal

For spouses and children under the age of 18, the Dependent Visa Renewal process involves submitting the necessary documents to the immigration authorities.

Family Residence Visa Renewal

Family Residence Visa Renewal encompasses the extension of residence visas for family members, allowing them to continue residing in Dubai.

Dependents Visa Renewal

Renewing visas for dependents, including children and other family members, is a streamlined process with specific documentation requirements.

Procedure for Family Visa Renewal

Step-by-Step Process

  1. Document Preparation:
    • Gather all required documents, including passports, Emirates ID cards, and health insurance.
  2. Application Submission:
    • Visit the immigration office or apply through online portals to submit the renewal application.
  3. Payment of Fees:
    • Pay the applicable fees for the renewal process. The fee structure may vary based on the type of visa being renewed.
  4. Biometric Data:
    • Certain visa categories may require biometric data, which will be collected during the renewal process.
  5. Status Tracking:
    • Utilize online services to track the status of the visa renewal application.

Important Considerations

Depend Visa and Current Visa

  • Family Visa Renewal applies to various visa categories, including Dependents Visa, and ensuring the validity of the Current Visa is crucial for a seamless process.

Abu Dhabi Visa and Other Emirate-Specific Considerations

  • While the process is generally standardized, different emirates may have specific requirements. For instance, if you hold an Abu Dhabi Visa, it’s essential to be aware of any emirate-specific regulations.

Investor Visa and Employment Visa

  • Individuals holding Investor Visas or Employment Visas must ensure compliance with regulations and timely renewal to avoid any disruptions in their family members’ residency.

Documents For Residence Visa

To obtain a residence visa, certain documents are crucial for a smooth application process. These documents not only verify personal information but also establish eligibility and compliance with local regulations.

2 year family visa dubai
2-year family visa dubai

Core Documentation

  1. Valid Passport
    • Ensure your passport is valid for the required period.
  2. Marriage Certificate
    • For dependents, a marriage certificate is essential to establish family ties.
  3. Salary Certificate
    • Proof of income is vital; a salary certificate from your employer verifies your financial stability.
  4. Employment Contract
    • A signed employment contract outlines the terms of your employment, providing essential details.

Additional Supporting Documents

  1. Birth Certificates
    • Include birth certificates for dependents to prove family relationships.
  2. Company Contract
    • If you’re sponsored by a company, a copy of the company contract is necessary.
  3. Labor Card
    • An active labor card or work permit is crucial for those employed in the UAE.
  4. Tenancy Contract
    • A tenancy contract serves as proof of your residence in the country.
  5. Personal Photo
    • Recent passport-sized photos are required for identification purposes.
  6. Residence Permit
    • If you’re transferring from another emirate, include your current residence permit.
  7. Valid Residence Permit
    • Ensure your current residence permit is still valid.
  8. Monthly Salary
    • Provide evidence of your monthly salary, a key factor in the visa application process.

Health and Insurance Documentation

  1. Health Insurance Card
    • A valid health insurance card is mandatory, ensuring coverage during your stay.
  2. Original Passports
    • Keep original passports handy as they may be required for verification.
  3. Medical Insurance
    • Proof of medical insurance coverage is essential for your well-being.
  4. Entry Permit
    • Include the entry permit issued upon your arrival in the UAE.
  5. Medical Fitness Certificate
    • A medical fitness certificate is often required to ensure your health meets local standards.
  6. Written No-Objection Certificate
    • Obtain a written no-objection certificate from your current employer if changing jobs.
Best family visa renewal in dubai
Best family visa renewal in dubai

Residential Agreements

  1. Accommodation Rental Agreement
    • If renting, provide a copy of your accommodation rental agreement.
  2. Registered Tenancy Contract
    • Ensure your tenancy contract is registered with the appropriate authorities.
  3. Emirates ID Card
    • Include a copy of your Emirates ID card for identification purposes.
  4. Establishment Card
    • For business owners, the establishment card is crucial for visa processing.

Legal and Specialized Documents

  1. Legal Consequences
    • Understand the legal consequences of non-compliance or violation of visa regulations.
  2. Medical Report
    • In case of medical conditions, include a comprehensive medical report.
  3. Health Card
    • The health card is essential for accessing medical services in the UAE.
  4. Health Insurance
    • Ensure your health insurance coverage meets local requirements.

Special Circumstances

  1. Documents Ready
    • Have all your documents prepared and organized for a smooth application process?
  2. Wage Certificate
    • Some professions may require a specific wage certificate for visa approval.

Personal Documentation

  1. Attested Birth Certificate
    • Ensure birth certificates are properly attested for authenticity.
  2. Attested Marriage Certificate
    • Attest your marriage certificate for dependents’ visa applications.
  3. Current Photo
    • Provide a recent passport-sized photo for identification purposes.
visa process in uae
visa process in uae

Contact Information

  1. Contact Address
    • Include your current contact address for correspondence.
  2. Contact Details
    • Provide updated contact details for efficient communication.

Residential Details

  1. 2-Bedroom House
    • If applicable, include details of your residential property.
  2. Relationship Proof
    • Provide proof of relationships for dependents.
  3. Proof Relationship
    • Establish proof of relationships through valid documentation.

Residency Visa Cost for Family Visa

  • Determined by the type of residency visa applied for and the duration of stay.
  • Varies for employment, family, or investor visas.
  • Can range from $300 to $3,000.

Visa Fees

  • Non-refundable charges are payable during the visa application process.
  • Covers administrative costs and processing fees.
  • Ranges from $100 to $500.

Residence Visa Cost

  • Total expenses for obtaining a residency visa, including application and processing fees.
  • Comprises visa fees, medical tests, and other associated costs.
  • Varies based on the visa type and country.

Residence Visa Fees

  • Charges specific to the residency visa application process.
  • Includes application fees, medical examination fees, and additional service charges.
  • Depends on the country’s immigration policies.

Sponsor With Visa Page

  • A person is responsible for the visa applicant during their stay.
  • Requires a valid visa page in the sponsor’s passport.
  • Essential for family and employment visas.

Residence Visa Stamping Application

  • Submission of documents and payment to finalize the residency visa process.
  • Involves getting the visa stamped on the passport.
  • A vital step to legalize the visa.

Valid Residence Visa Holder

  • A person holding a legally approved residency visa.
  • Authorized to stay and engage in activities as per visa regulations.
  • Must adhere to visa rules for continued validity.
renewal family visa dubai
renewal family visa dubai

Visa Validity

  • Duration for which a visa remains legally effective.
  • Ranges from a few months to several years.
  • Expires after the specified period.

Application For Stamping Visa

  • A formal request to stamp the approved visa on the passport.
  • Involves submitting necessary documents to the immigration office.
  • Ensures the visa becomes legally valid.

Comprehensive Sponsorship Visa Guide

  • Detailed instructions for sponsors to navigate the visa sponsorship process.
  • Provides information on required documents, fees, and procedures.
  • A resource for sponsors to assist visa applicants.

Cost Of Residence Visa

  • Overall expenses incurred in obtaining and maintaining a residency visa.
  • Includes initial application fees, medical tests, and any renewal costs.
  • Varied based on visa type and country regulations.

Current Visa Copies

  • Photocopies of the existing visa for reference during the application process.
  • Needed for renewal or change of visa category.
  • Ensures a smooth transition between visa statuses.

Dubai Family Visa Cost

  • Specific cost details for obtaining a family visa in Dubai.
  • Includes fees for each family member and additional charges.
  • May vary based on family size and visa type.

Dubai Visa Information

  • General details regarding the various types of visas available in Dubai.
  • Includes eligibility criteria and application procedures.
  • Essential for those planning to move to Dubai.

Application Fees

  • The non-refundable charge for submitting a visa application.
  • Covers processing costs and administrative expenses.
  • Mandatory for all visa applicants.

Renewal Application

  • Process of extending the validity of an existing visa.
  • Involves submission of renewal application, documents, and fees.
  • Necessary to continue the legal stay.

House Rental Contract

  • Document proving the applicant’s residence in the country.
  • Required for visa applications, especially for proof of address.
  • Typically includes details of the rental agreement, landlord, and property.
Family visa services in uae
Family visa services in dubai

Services and Requirements: Amer, Typing, Medical, and More in UAE

The Amer Service Center, Cube Center, and Amer Center Dubai play vital roles in facilitating various governmental services in the UAE. When dealing with paperwork, the Typing Center, Typing Centre, and Authorized Typing Centers ensure accurate and efficient document processing. Ras Al Khaimah residents can avail of services seamlessly through these centers.

For any application, understanding Eligibility Requirements, Financial Requirements, and Sponsorship Requirements is crucial. Additionally, submitting applications, such as for Medical Test Services, requires a visit to Government-Approved Health Centers and Medical Examination Centers. The Center for Disease Detection and Prevention plays a pivotal role in safeguarding public health. Moreover, transactions like DHS Deposit 2 and DHS Medical Test are integral components of administrative processes.

Basic Requirements for Family Visa Renewal

To renew a family visa in Dubai, you must meet certain basic requirements:

  • Valid Passport: Ensure that the passport of the family members is valid throughout the renewal process.
  • Valid Residence Permit: The family members must have a valid residence permit during the renewal application.
  • Relationship Proof: Provide documents that establish the familial relationship, such as marriage certificates for spouses or birth certificates for children.

Steps to Renew Family Visa

Gather Necessary Documents

  • Sized Photographs: Prepare appropriately sized photographs of each family member as per the UAE visa photo guidelines.
  • Accommodation Lease or Ownership: Have proof of accommodation, either through a lease agreement or ownership documents.

Submission of Application

  • Application In Person: Submit the renewal application in person at the relevant immigration or visa center.
  • Processing Fees: Pay the necessary processing fees. Ensure you are aware of the current fee structure, as it may vary.
family visa renewal dubai
family visa renewal dubai

Additional Considerations

Country-Specific Requirements

  • Country Of Origin: Be aware of specific requirements based on the country of origin. Certain nations might impose extra documentation prerequisites.
  • 1. Entry Permit – Outside Country: If family members are outside the country, secure an entry permit before returning to Dubai.

Time and Photography

  • Time Of Stamping: Consider the optimal time for visa stamping, keeping in mind the validity period and potential travel plans.
  • Adequate Time: Initiate the renewal process with adequate time before the current visa expires to avoid any delays.
  • Color Photographs: Ensure that all photographs submitted comply with the specified color and quality standards.

Accommodation and Relationship Documentation

  • Accommodation Lease or Ownership: Provide either a valid lease agreement or ownership documents for the family’s residence in Dubai.
  • Proof Relationship: Furnish proof of relationships, such as marriage certificates or birth certificates, as required.

Indian Citizens Specifics

  • Indian Citizens: Indian citizens should be mindful of any additional requirements imposed by the Indian government for visa renewal.

Processing and Application Details

  • Processing Fees: Understand the processing fees applicable to family visa renewal and prepare the necessary amount.
  • Delays In Processing: Be aware that delays in processing may occur, so it’s advisable to start the renewal process well in advance.

Application Eligibility

Eligibility Of People

  • Application Eligibility: Ensure that all family members meet the eligibility criteria for visa renewal.

Family Visa Renewal Dubai

Key Steps in the Family Visa Renewal Process

  • Submit the required documents to the immigration authorities.
  • Pay the necessary renewal fees.
  • Undergo the mandatory medical fitness test.

Understanding the Grace Period

  • Dubai provides a grace period for family visa renewal, offering flexibility to residents.
  • The grace period is a specified timeframe during which individuals can renew their family visas without facing penalties.

Duration of Grace Period

  • The grace period in Dubai typically extends for 30 days, allowing residents to complete the renewal process.
  • Residents can benefit from an extended period of six months, providing an ample timeframe to address renewal requirements.
visa price in uae
visa price in uae

Important Considerations During the Grace Period

  • Utilize the grace period to ensure all necessary documentation is in order.
  • Residents should complete the renewal process within the stipulated grace period to avoid legal complications.

Benefits of Timely Family Visa Renewal

Uninterrupted Residency Status

  • Timely renewal ensures a continuous legal residency status for family members.
  • Avoids disruptions in daily life and facilitates regular activities such as work, school, and healthcare.

Stability for Expatriate Families

  • Family visa renewal provides stability for expatriate families by maintaining their legal status in Dubai.
  • This stability contributes to a sense of security and well-being for all family members.

Grace Period Extensions and Special Cases

Extended Grace Periods

  • Residents facing challenges in meeting the standard grace period may apply for an extended grace period.
  • The extended period, if granted, offers additional time for residents to complete the renewal process.

Special Cases and Considerations

  • Certain circumstances may warrant special consideration during the grace period, such as medical emergencies or unforeseen travel restrictions.
  • Residents encountering difficulties are encouraged to communicate with the relevant authorities for guidance.

Common Concerns and Solutions

Addressing Document Delays

  • In case of delays in obtaining required documents, residents should communicate with immigration authorities promptly.
  • Seek assistance from a typing center or legal service provider to expedite document processing.

Employment and Minimum Salary Requirements

  • Ensure compliance with employment and minimum salary requirements for family visa renewal.
  • Expatriates working in private companies should be mindful of meeting the stipulated salary criteria.
renewal process in dubai
renewal process in dubai

Additional Support Services

Services from Typing Centers

  • Typing centers in Dubai offer valuable assistance in preparing and processing family visa renewal documents.
  • They streamline the paperwork and guide residents through the renewal application.

Support from Employers

  • Employers can play a crucial role in supporting employees with family visa renewal.
  • Human resources departments in private companies often provide guidance and necessary documentation.

Assistance from Customer Service

  • Residents can seek assistance from customer service centers for any queries related to family visa renewal.
  • Clear communication and understanding the renewal process are key to a smooth experience.

Contract for Investors and Family Visa Renewal

Ensuring Compliance with Visa Regulations

  • Investors holding a residence visa are required to renew their family visas in adherence to local regulations.
  • Compliance with visa regulations, including the minimum salary requirement, is essential for investors and private company staff.

Implications for Private Company Staff

  • Private company staff, including expatriates and employees of delivery, courier, or customer service companies, must fulfill family visa renewal requirements.
  • Meeting minimum salary criteria and timely renewal contribute to a seamless process.

Document Procedures Diverse Residency Cases

Navigating residency requirements involves a comprehensive process, from submitting the initial application form to obtaining confirmation, especially in diverse cases. Expatriate residents, including Muslim residents, must adhere to specific criteria, balancing private sector employment or semi-government roles. Smart services streamline the application on time, allowing for efficient file upload, browsing, and conversion.

Emirati citizens benefit from public sector protocols, while individuals from Afghanistan, whether national or part of a company, must present necessary documents like appointment, confirmation, and embassy letters. Special permissions and careful adherence to immigration guidelines are crucial for a smooth residency journey in this intricate process


Family visa renewal in Dubai is a vital process ensuring uninterrupted residency. The grace period and timely renewal offer stability for expatriate families. Addressing common concerns, compliance with employment criteria, and seeking support from service centers contribute to a smooth and secure renewal experience, fostering family well-being in Dubai.

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