Dubai Golden Visa

The Dubai Golden Visa is one of the most attractive and beneficial visas that provide plenty of opportunities for individuals residing here. This guide inculcates the various benefits, requirements, eligibility criteria, and investments required for this specialized visa.

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golden visa dubai
Golden Visa Dubai | Image Source: Canva

Dubai Golden Visa

Dubai’s Golden Visa is a coveted residency program supplying an extended visa period, attracting professional people, specialized capabilities, and investors in search of lengthy-time period residency inside the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Eligible Categories for Golden Visa

  • Skilled Workers: Individuals with exceptional skills and occupational expertise in fields like electrical engineering, biotechnology engineering, and electronics are eligible.
  • Investors: Business owners and outstanding employees can secure a 2-year Investor Property Visa or Investor Property Visa, contributing to the economic landscape.
  • Educators: Specialists in education, senior scholars, and top-performing students at the national level are recognized for their contributions.

Application Process and Requirements

  • Documents: A comprehensive list of documents includes valid passports, original passports, proof of residence, valid employment contracts, and registration documents from foreign universities.
  • Medical Insurance: Applicants must obtain medical insurance coverage from recognized insurance companies, ensuring health security during their stay.
  • Financial Statements: Qualified professionals need to provide financial statements demonstrating their financial stability.

Processing and Fees

  • Processing Time: The digital process, handled by the Federal Authority for Identity Card, ensures a streamlined and efficient application procedure.
  • Fees: Application fees vary based on the chosen category, with options for installment plans and annual payments to facilitate financial flexibility.
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uae golden visa requirements | Image Source: Canva

Categories and Golden Visa Benefits

  • Property Owners: Individuals owning property in Dubai can apply, showcasing a commitment to the city’s real estate.
  • Cultural and Scientific Achievers: Recognizing efforts in crises, outstanding contributions to culture, and achievements in science.

Additional Information and Support

  • Concierge Executive: A concierge executive assists applicants, providing guidance and support throughout the application process.
  • Public Projects: Individuals contributing to public projects and capital gains are acknowledged for their efforts.

Primary Visa Holder

Position yourself as the primary visa holder and enjoy the benefits of being at the forefront of the Dubai Golden Visa program, shaping your residency.

Residence Visas

Explore the various residence visa options tailored to your needs, providing a legal framework for your extended stay in the vibrant city of Dubai.

Residence Visa Valid

Ensure the validity of your residence visa, a key element in sustaining your presence and contributing to Dubai’s dynamic landscape.

Long-Term Residence Visa

Experience the assurance of a long-term residence visa, providing the stability needed for personal and professional growth in Dubai.

Residency Visas

Discover the diverse range of residency visas available, each designed to cater to specific preferences and requirements.

5-Year Visa

Opt for a 5-year visa option, striking a balance between commitment and flexibility in your Dubai Golden Visa journey.

Golden Visa Holders

Join the distinguished community of Golden Visa holders, enjoying exclusive privileges and opportunities in Dubai.

Visa Application

Navigate the straightforward visa application process, ensuring a smooth entry into the Dubai Golden Visa program.

10-Year Golden Visa

Unlock a decade of possibilities with the prestigious 10-Year Golden Visa, designed to empower and elevate investors and residents alike.

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Golden visa cost | Image Source: Canva

Entry Visa

Facilitate seamless entry into Dubai with the Entry Visa, a fundamental step towards realizing your ambitions in this thriving city.

Family Visa

Prioritize family unity with the Family Visa, extending the benefits of the Dubai Golden Visa program to your loved ones.

Long-Term Residency Visa

Embrace the prospect of long-term residency in Dubai, supported by the specialized Long-Term Residency Visa.

Renewable Residence Visa

Opt for a renewable residence visa, ensuring sustained access to the vibrant opportunities that Dubai has to offer.

Visa Validity

Understand the importance of visa validity, a crucial element in maintaining your legal status and privileges in Dubai.

Category Of Visa

Explore the diverse categories of visas available, tailoring your residency to align with your specific goals and aspirations.

Investor Visa

Seize the opportunities as an investor with the exclusive Investor Visa, offering a strategic pathway to success in Dubai.

10-Year Investor Visa

Maximize your investment potential with the 10-Year Investor Visa, a testament to Dubai’s commitment to fostering economic growth.

Countries Visa

Expand your horizons with the Dubai Golden Visa, transcending borders and connecting you with a network of nations.

1-Year Visa

Opt for a 1-year visa option, striking a balance between commitment and flexibility in your Dubai Golden Visa journey.

6-Month Visa

Experience the flexibility of a 6-month visa, catering to short-term commitments and dynamic professional requirements.

Categories Of Visas

Dive into the various categories of visas available, tailoring your residency to align with your unique preferences and objectives.

Exceptional Talents Visa

Celebrate and showcase your exceptional talents with a specialized visa designed to recognize and support your contributions.

Golden Visa UAE

Be part of the prestigious Golden Visa community in the UAE, enjoying unparalleled benefits and opportunities.

Long-Term Visas

Embrace the stability and security offered by long-term visas, setting the stage for a thriving future in Dubai.

Property Investor Golden Visa

Invest in real estate and secure your future with the Property Investor Golden Visa, a key to unlocking long-term residency.

10 years golden visa
10 years – golden visa | Image Source: Canva

Public Investor Visa

Participate in the growth and development of Dubai as a public investor, supported by the specialized Public Investor Visa.

Real Estate Investor Visa

Thrive as a real estate investor with a dedicated visa, combining your passion for property with the benefits of the Dubai Golden Visa.

Startup Owner Visa

Foster innovation and entrepreneurship with the Startup Owner Visa, designed to support and propel your business endeavors.

10-Year Property Investor Visa

Position yourself as a long-term property investor and unlock a decade of opportunities with the 10-Year Property Investor Visa.

5-Year UAE Golden Visa

Experience the unique advantages of the 5-Year UAE Golden Visa, a testament to Dubai’s commitment to attracting and retaining talent.

6-Months Visa

Opt for a flexible 6-month visa, catering to short-term commitments and providing the agility needed in a dynamic environment.

Exceptional Coders Visa

Recognize and celebrate your coding prowess with the Exceptional Coders Visa, a specialized pathway for talented individuals in the tech industry.

Golden Residency Visa

Attain golden residency status in Dubai, symbolizing your commitment to and connection with the thriving opportunities in the city.

Golden Visa for Real Estate Owners

Elevate your status as a real estate owner with the Golden Visa, securing your place in Dubai’s dynamic landscape.

Humanitarian Pioneers Visa

Champion humanitarian causes and make a lasting impact with the Humanitarian Pioneers Visa, a unique avenue for those dedicated to positive change.

Nurses Visa

Recognize the crucial role of nurses in healthcare with a specialized visa, supporting and acknowledging their valuable contributions.

Scientists Visa

Empower scientists and researchers with a dedicated visa, recognizing and fostering the advancements they bring to Dubai.

Six-Month Visa

Opt for a short-term six-month visa, balancing flexibility with the opportunities offered by the Dubai Golden Visa program.

Skilled Professionals Visa

As a skilled professional, find your place in Dubai with the Skilled Professionals Visa, tailored to recognize and leverage your expertise.

Temporary Visa

Navigate short-term commitments seamlessly with the Temporary Visa, offering flexibility and access to Dubai’s vibrant opportunities.

UAE Golden Visa

Embrace the golden opportunities and privileges offered by the UAE Golden Visa, a gateway to a prosperous and enduring residency in Dubai.

dubai golden visa
Dubai golden visa | Image Source: Canva

Essential Factors for Long-Term Residency

Eligibility Criteria

Discover the crucial eligibility criteria that pave the way for a successful application for the UAE’s Long-Term Residency and Residency Permits.

Long-Term Residency

Explore the benefits of long-term residency in the UAE, providing stability and opportunities for foreign nationals seeking a secure future.

Issuance of Residency Permits

Understand the process of Residency Permit issuance, a vital step in securing legal status and enjoying the privileges of residing in the UAE.

Salary Certificate

Ensure your financial standing with a Salary Certificate, a key document substantiating your income and enhancing your eligibility for residency.

Foreign Nationals

For foreign nationals, the UAE beckons with opportunities. Navigate the eligibility criteria for a chance at long-term residency in this dynamic nation.

Bank Statement

Present a comprehensive Bank Statement to showcase your financial stability, a crucial aspect in meeting eligibility criteria for residency in the UAE.

Future Nature

Consider the future nature of your endeavors, aligning your goals with the UAE’s vision for growth and development for a successful residency application.

Executive Director

For executive directors, eligibility for long-term residency is within reach. Learn about the criteria specific to this role for a seamless application process.

Business Incubator

Explore opportunities in business incubation, understanding the unique criteria that make entrepreneurs eligible for long-term residency in the UAE.

documents attestation for golden visa
documents attestation for golden visa | Image Source: Canva

Domestic Helpers

Even domestic helpers can secure long-term residency. Delve into the eligibility criteria tailored to this vital role in the UAE’s workforce.

University Students

University students have a pathway to long-term residency. Uncover the criteria designed to support students in pursuing their education and future in the UAE.

Health Insurance

Prioritize your well-being with health insurance, a key element in meeting eligibility criteria and ensuring a secure future in the UAE.

Recommendation Letter

Enhance your application with a recommendation letter, spotlighting your qualifications and meeting the criteria for long-term residency in the UAE.

Approval Letter

Secure an approval letter to strengthen your case for long-term residency, an essential document in the final stages of the UAE application process.

Industrial License

Those with industrial ventures understand the importance of an industrial license in meeting eligibility criteria for long-term residency in the UAE.

Monthly Salary

Demonstrate your financial stability with a consistent Monthly Salary, meeting one of the key eligibility criteria for long-term residency in the UAE.

Minimum Salary

Meet the minimum salary requirement, a fundamental aspect of eligibility criteria for securing long-term residency in the UAE.

Respective Emirate

Navigate the specific criteria tied to each respective emirate, tailoring your application to align with regional considerations for long-term residency.

Dubai Golden Visa
Dubai golden visa | Image Source: Canva

Valid Work Contract

Ensure the validity of your work contract, a foundational document in meeting eligibility criteria and securing long-term residency in the UAE.

Eligibility for Talented Individuals and Students

Creative Individuals

This category embraces artists and innovators, enriching Dubai’s cultural landscape. Golden Visa opportunities await those with a flair for creativity and unique contributions to the city.

Outstanding Students

Academic brilliance finds recognition through the Golden Visa. Outstanding Students, a key category, highlights Dubai’s commitment to nurturing and retaining bright minds for future growth.

Exceptional Talent

Across arts, sports, and various domains, Exceptional Talent stands out. The Golden Visa opens doors for these individuals, amplifying their impact on Dubai’s vibrant cultural and professional scene.

Dedicated Service Providers and Support Centers

Service Companies

Explore the role of specialized Service Companies in simplifying the Golden Visa process, ensuring efficiency and accuracy for applicants.

Amer Service Center

Discover the dedicated support offered by Amer Service Center, a key player in facilitating a smooth and hassle-free experience for Golden Visa applicants.

Customer Service Employee

Meet the individuals behind-the-scenes Customer Service Employees who play a crucial role in assisting applicants and ensuring a positive interaction throughout the Golden Visa journey.

Exceptional Services

Uncover the exceptional services provided by support centers, going beyond the ordinary to meet the unique needs of Golden Visa applicants.

Service Charge

Understand the transparent breakdown of costs with Service Charges, a clear aspect of the Golden Visa process communicated by service providers.

Service Fees

Delve into the details of Service Fees associated with the Golden Visa, recognizing the value provided by dedicated service providers in this streamlined process.

dubai golden visa
Dubai golden visa requirements | Image Source: Canva

Navigating UAE’s Accredited Funds and Real Estate Opportunities

Investment Fund

Explore diverse opportunities with the Investment Fund, a gateway to securing a Dubai Golden Visa by contributing to the city’s growth and development.

Real Estate Investors

Aspiring Real Estate Investors can obtain the coveted Dubai Golden Visa by engaging in property ventures, and contributing to the city’s dynamic real estate landscape.

Public Investment

Discover the benefits of Public Investment, a pathway for individuals to play a role in Dubai’s progress and qualify for the esteemed Golden Visa.

Investor Capital

Secure a Dubai Golden Visa by channeling Investor Capital into the city’s ventures, and actively participating in its economic development and growth.

Form Of Investment Bonds

Invest in the future with the Form of Investment Bonds, a recognized avenue for obtaining a Dubai Golden Visa through financial contribution and support.

Real Estate Investment

Unlock the potential of Real Estate Investment as a route to the Dubai Golden Visa, offering stability and a stake in the city’s flourishing property sector.

UAE-Accredited Investment Fund

Explore the advantages of the UAE-Accredited Investment Fund, a recognized channel for foreign investors seeking the esteemed Dubai Golden Visa.

Foreign Investors

Foreign Investors find a welcoming environment in Dubai, with the opportunity to secure a Golden Visa by contributing to the city’s economic prosperity.

golden visa application in dubai
Golden visa application in dubai | Image Source: Canva

Minimum Investment

Understand the requirements for the Minimum Investment, a key factor in qualifying for the Dubai Golden Visa and becoming an integral part of the city’s growth.

Investment Requirement

Meet the Investment Requirement for the Dubai Golden Visa, aligning your financial commitment with the city’s vision for sustained development and progress.

Investment Threshold

Discover the Investment Threshold needed to qualify for the Dubai Golden Visa, marking your participation in the city’s growth and ensuring long-term residency.


The Dubai Golden Visa opens doors to long-term residency for skilled professionals, investors, and contributors to culture and science, fostering a diverse and thriving community in Dubai.

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