How to Apply for UAE Golden Visa

The UAE Golden Visa program has emerged as an example of an opportunity for those desiring long-term residency in this dynamic nation.

Whether you’re a seasoned real estate investor, a skilled professional, or a promising student, the 10-year Golden Visa offers a pathway to stability in the UAE. For more information on how to apply for the UAE Golden Visa,

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This comprehensive guide aims to elucidate the step-by-step process, eligibility criteria, and the innumerable categories available for prospective applicants.

Golden Visa Categories

Investor Visa

For real estate investors, the Golden Visa not only provides a secure residence but also fosters economic growth. The program encourages investment in the country, contributing to its financial capital and overall development.

Exceptional Talents Visa

Designed for individuals with outstanding skills in fields like engineering, biotechnology, and artificial intelligence, this category seeks to attract the brightest minds to contribute to the UAE’s flourishing industries.

Public Investor Visa

Public investments play a crucial role, offering residency for those contributing to the nation’s progress through industrial licenses and business incubators, attracting foreign nationals to actively participate in the UAE’s economic landscape.

Startup Owner Visa

Entrepreneurs and business owners find a haven in the Golden Visa, fostering innovation and economic growth by welcoming individuals with promising business ideas and projects.

Eligibility Criteria, Who and How to Apply for the Golden Visa UAE?

Skilled Professionals Visa

Accessible to skilled professionals with employment contracts and competent authority approval, this category simplifies the application process for those seeking long-term residence.

Outstanding University Student Visa

For academically outstanding students, the Golden Visa provides a pathway to long-term residency, recognizing the value of nurturing future talents.

Property Investor Golden Visa

Real estate investors play a pivotal role, securing a 10-year residency by investing in UAE-accredited investment funds, and aligning their interests with the country’s vision for sustained economic growth.

how to apply for golden visa UAE
golden visa benefits in UAE | Image Source: Pexels

Application Process

Document Preparation

Gathering essential documents, and utilizing documents clearing service would also be beneficial to simplify the process. Documents would include a recommendation letter, approval letter, salary certificate, and bank statements. Ensure you have a valid passport and a marriage certificate if applicable.

Eligibility Verification

Verify your eligibility based on your category, whether a skilled worker, investor, or outstanding university student. Check the specific requirements for each category, such as educational qualifications, monthly salary, and business ownership.

Submission of Application

Submit your application online through the official portal, providing accurate information and uploading all necessary documents. Pay the application fees and wait for the competent authority to process your application.

Document Submission and Additional Requirements

Investor Capital and Economic Project

Provide evidence of your investment capital and details of your economic project if applying as an investor. Include comprehensive financial statements showcasing the viability of your venture.

Letter of Experience and Service Fees

Submit a letter of experience detailing your expertise, especially if applying under the skilled professionals category. Pay the required service fees to facilitate the processing of your application.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for an extended-time period residence visa in Abu Dhabi, applicants ought to meet certain criteria, inclusive of:

  • Possessing a university degree or equivalent qualification from an approved institution.
  • Holding a valid employment settlement, business license, or belongings ownership in Abu Dhabi.
  • Demonstrating awesome attempts or extraordinary competencies in specific fields, together with engineering, biotechnology, software program development, or entrepreneurship.
  • Meeting minimum grade, occupational stage, and academic level necessities as decided via the Abu Dhabi Department of Education.

Application Process
The utility method for long-term residence visas in Abu Dhabi involves the following steps:

Eligibility Assessment

  • Determine the category of visa you qualify for based on your historical past, skills, and investment repute.
  • Gather vital documents, consisting of academic certificates, employment contracts, funding statistics, and medical health insurance plans.

Online Application

  • Visit the Abu Dhabi Department of Residence and Foreigners Affairs internet site to get the right of entry to the net software portal.
  • Create an account and complete the software shape, offering correct facts and supporting documents.
  • Pay the required issuance fee through the use of stable online price strategies.

Submission of Documents

  • Upload scanned copies of all required files, consisting of passport, academic transcripts, employment contracts, and investment certificate.
    Ensure that everyone’s documents are certified and meet the desired necessities for visa issuance.

Verification and Approval

  • Wait for the software to be processed through the applicable authorities, together with the Ministry of Education, Regional Authority, and Abu Dhabi Department of Residence and Foreigners Affairs.
  • Undergo scientific examinations, educational overall performance exams, and historical past assessments as part of the verification manner.
  • Receive notification of approval or rejection of the visa utility via electronic mail or the net portal.

Issuance of Visa

  • If approved, receive the long-term period residence visa electronically or through a physical visa stamp in your passport.
  • Obtain an authorized dependency certificate, marriage settlement, or beginning certificate if relevant for family contributors accompanying the number one visa holder.
  • Collect the original passport with the visa stamp from the targeted Amer Service Centre or ICP Smart Services workplace.
how to apply for golden visa UAE
Golden visa requirements| Image Source: Pexels

Approval and Residency Permit Issuance

Issuance of Residency Permits

Upon approval, the issuance of residency permits follows. Understand the duration of your permit on how to apply for the UAE golden visa, whether it’s a 5-year or 10-year golden visa.

Commercial and Trade License

If applicable, acquire the necessary commercial or trade license for your business activities. Ensure your eligibility category aligns with the specific conditions set by the UAE authorities.

Medical Insurance and Registration Documents

Obtain comprehensive medical insurance coverage as per the UAE’s regulations. Complete any additional registration documents required by the respective emirate of residence.

Exclusive Benefits for Dubai Golden Visa Holders

The Golden Visa offers exclusive benefits, making it an attractive option for those seeking long-term residence in the UAE. From financial statements and processing times to medical insurance coverage and educational attainment, the program ensures a seamless transition for individuals and their families.

Financial Statements and Salary Requirements

Minimum Salary and Business Owner Conditions

Comply with the minimum salary requirements for your chosen category, ensuring financial stability during your stay. For business owners, present valid work contracts and additional documents indicating your business activities.

Processing Time and Additional Security

Be aware of the processing time for your application, allowing you to plan your move effectively. Familiarize yourself with additional security measures, especially if you are a non-UAE national.

Ports Security and Civil Associations

Understand the importance of port security in the context of your residency. Engage with civil associations, ensuring a smooth integration into the UAE community.

how to apply for golden visa UAE
Golden Visa UAE | Image Source: Pexels

Visa and Residence Permit Essentials

The Abu Dhabi Land Department plays a crucial role in facilitating real estate investment for foreign investors in the region. With the introduction of the 10-year visa, Abu Dhabi aims to attract high-net-worth individuals with specialized talents in fields such as engineering and natural sciences.

This long-term residence visa offers numerous benefits to the primary visa holder, including access to secondary schools for their children and annual health insurance plans. Eligible applicants must possess a university degree and a valid employment contract or property ownership.

The issuance fee for the long-term visa is subject to periodic increases and must be paid during the online application process, which requires the submission of various documents such as graduation certificates and medical examination reports.
The Abu Dhabi Land Department, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, oversees the classification of universities and evaluates the educational level of applicants. Access to smart services through the Amer Service Centre and ICP Smart Services ensures a seamless application process for residence permits.

With flexible requirements and a grace period of months, foreign talents and skilled individuals can pursue entrepreneurial projects or employment opportunities in Abu Dhabi, contributing to the region’s future growth and development.


In conclusion, this guide on how to apply for the golden visa in UAE presents an exceptional opportunity for individuals across various categories to secure long-term residency. Whether you are an investor, skilled professional, or outstanding student, the program’s diverse categories cater to a wide range of individuals. By adhering to the eligibility criteria, submitting the required documents, and understanding the application process, applicants can board a journey towards a prosperous and stable future in the United Arab Emirates.

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