Document Required For Family Visa in UAE

Family Visa in UAE

Document Required for Family Visa in the UAE, specific documents are essential. This guide simplifies the process by outlining the necessary paperwork, making it easy for applicants to understand and ensure a smooth application. Learn about the required documents and steps for a hassle-free Family Visa application in the UAE

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Family visa services in uae
Family visa services in dubai

Types of Family Visas

Family visas in UAE come in various types, catering to different family relationships and circumstances. These include:

  • Spouse Visa
  • Dependent Visa
  • Investor Visa
  • Family Visit Visa
  • Freelance Visa
  • Parent Visas
  • Child Visas
  • Employment-Based Family Visa

Family Visa Process and Renewal

Family Visa Process

The family visa process involves several steps, including:

  • Visa Application: Submit the required documents to initiate the application process.
  • Amendments and Renewals: Keep track of visa status and adhere to any changes or renewals required.

Family Visa Renewal

  • Validity: Family visas typically have a limited validity period, requiring timely renewal to maintain legal residence status.
  • Renewal Process: Familiarize yourself with the renewal process and submit the necessary documents on time.

Types of Visas and Amendments

Visa Types

Understanding the various types of visas is crucial. These include:

  • Investor Visa
  • Family Visit Visa
  • Freelance Visa
  • Employment Visa

Amendments to Family Visa

  • Changes in Family Composition: Inform relevant authorities of any changes in family composition, such as additions or departures.
  • Visa Status Updates: Stay informed about any amendments to family visa rules and regulations.
family visa dubai
family visa dubai

Family Visa Documents

Essential Family Visa Documents Checklist

To streamline your family visa application process, ensure you have the following documents:

Personal Documents

  1. Passports: Copies of the passports of both the sponsor and family members, with a minimum validity of six months.
  2. Passport Photos: Recent passport-sized photos of all family members.
  3. Birth Certificates: Original birth certificates for dependent visas, attested if necessary.

Relationship Proof

  1. Marriage Certificate: Required for spouse visas, attested if obtained outside the UAE.
  2. Dependency Proof: Documentation establishing the relationship between the sponsor and dependents.

Financial Documents

  1. Salary Certificate: Evidence of the sponsor’s financial capability to support family members.
  2. Bank Statements: Recent bank statements verifying a stable financial status.

Housing Documents

  1. Tenancy Contract: A valid tenancy contract in the sponsor’s name, attested if required.
  2. Ejari Certificate: Registration of the tenancy contract with the Real Estate Regulatory Agency.

Employment Documents

  1. Employment Contract: A copy of the sponsor’s employment contract.
  2. Trade License: For those with a business, a copy of the trade license.

Health Insurance

  1. Health Insurance Card: Proof of health insurance coverage for all family members.

Education Documents

  1. School Enrolment Certificates: For dependent children attending school in the UAE.

Additional Requirements

  1. Emirates ID Card: Copies of Emirates ID cards for all family members.
  2. Visa Application Form: Completed and signed visa application forms are required for the visa application process.

Tips for a Smooth Visa Application Process

  • Plan Ahead: Start the application process well in advance to accommodate any unexpected delays.
  • Check Visa Policies: Stay updated on changes in visa policies and regulations.
  • Seek Professional Assistance: Consider consulting with a professional service for guidance.
merriage certificate attestation
Marriage Certificate Attestation

Essential Certificates and Documents

Life Events Documentation

Marriage Certificate

A Marriage Certificate is a crucial document for legal recognition of marriage. It serves as proof of marital status and is often required for various official processes.

  • An original Marriage Certificate is typically needed.
  • At times, an Attested Marriage Certificate may be required for international purposes.

Birth Certificate

The Birth Certificate is an essential document that provides details about an individual’s birth. It is necessary for various life events and official processes.

  • An attested Birth Certificate may be required for international use.
  • In some cases, Arabic Birth Certificates might be necessary for specific transactions.

Death Certificate

A Death Certificate is an official document issued to confirm the death of an individual.

Visa Processes Documentation

Written No-Objection Certificate

A Written No-Objection Certificate is a document affirming that an individual has no objections to a particular action. It plays a vital role in various visa processes.

  • Used when someone is permitting another person to travel or work.
  • May be a requirement for visa applications.

Salary Certificate

A Salary Certificate is an official document provided by an employer that outlines an employee’s salary details. It is often required for visa processes.

  • Salary Requirements are common for visa applications.
  • Essential to establish financial eligibility for certain visas.

Medical Clearance Certificate

A Medical Clearance Certificate is a document confirming an individual’s fitness and health. It is often a requirement for visa processes, especially for long-term stays.

  • May be required to ensure an individual is disease-free.
  • Essential for proving health eligibility for certain visas.
Residence Visa Documents
Residence Visa Documents

Additional Documents and Requirements

Additional Documents

In addition to the core certificates mentioned, various visa processes and life events may require Additional Documents to establish eligibility and fulfill specific criteria.

  • These documents could include proof of address, financial statements, and employment letters.
  • It’s essential to check the specific requirements for each process.

Additional Requirements

Apart from certificates, there are Additional Requirements that may need to be fulfilled for various life events and visa processes.

  • Visa Requirements often include additional steps such as biometric data submission.
  • Marriage and family visa processes might have unique additional requirements.

Visa Requirements

Understanding the specific Visa Requirements is crucial for a smooth application process. These requirements can vary based on the type of visa and destination.

  • Eligibility Requirements, including age, health, and financial criteria, are common.
  • Travel Requirements may include proof of accommodation and return tickets.

Family Visa Requirements

For individuals applying for family visas, there are specific Family Visa Requirements that must be met to ensure the smooth processing of the application.

  • Proof of a relationship, such as marriage and birth certificates, is essential.
  • Financial eligibility, as demonstrated by a Salary Certificate, may be a requirement.

Eligibility Requirements

Understanding the Eligibility Requirements for various processes is crucial. This includes criteria related to age, health, financial stability, and other factors.

  • Visa eligibility often depends on factors like income, job stability, and purpose of travel.
  • Meeting eligibility criteria is essential for the approval of applications.

Travel Requirements

When traveling, certain Travel Requirements must be met. These can include documentation related to accommodation, return tickets, and financial stability.

  • Travel Requirements may vary based on the destination and the type of visa.
  • Ensuring all necessary documents are in order is crucial for a smooth travel experience.
uae family visa service
uae family visa service

Understanding the Significance of Entry Permits

A Gateway to Residency

Introduction to Entry Permits

An Entry Permit is a crucial document in the residency process, acting as the initial step for individuals wishing to live and work in a foreign country. In the context of the UAE, Entry Permits hold significant importance, serving as the gateway to obtaining Residence Permits.

Navigating the Entry Permit Process

To secure an Entry Permit, individuals must adhere to specific requirements and provide necessary documentation.

Required Documents

  • Passport Copies
  • Valid Passport
  • Passport-Size Photographs
  • Employment Contract
  • Company Contract
  • Registered Tenancy Contract
  • Bank Deposits
  • Health Insurance
  • Medical Insurance Policy
  • Minimum Salary Requirement
  • Undertake Letter (if applicable)

Entry Permit Application

  1. Document Submission: Applicants must submit the required documents to the relevant authorities.
  2. Application Processing: The immigration department reviews the documents to ensure compliance with regulations.
  3. Approval: Upon approval, the Entry Permit is issued, allowing the individual to enter the country.
Passport Copy Documents
Passport Copy Documents

Monthly Salary and Minimum Salary Requirements

Ensuring Financial Stability

Monthly Salary

  • Monthly Salary is a critical factor in the Entry Permit process, demonstrating an individual’s financial capacity.
  • It is often a key criterion in determining eligibility for residency.

Minimum Salary Requirement

  • Countries may set a Minimum Salary Requirement for Entry Permits to ensure that individuals can sustain themselves without becoming a burden on the host nation.

Residence Permits and Family Sponsorship

Extending Residency and Family Sponsorship

Valid Residence Permit

  • The Entry Permit evolves into a Valid Residence Permit upon entry into the country.
  • A Valid Residence Permit grants legal residency status, allowing individuals to live and work.

Family Sponsorship Policy Amendments

  • In many countries, the Family Sponsorship Policy allows residents to sponsor their first-degree relatives, facilitating family reunification.
  • Amendments to Family Sponsorship Policies may impact eligibility criteria and sponsorship privileges.

Dependents and Female Sponsors

Dependent Family Members

  • Individuals with Valid Residence Permits may sponsor dependent family members under the Family Sponsorship Policy.
  • First-degree relatives, such as spouses and children, are typically eligible for sponsorship.

Female Sponsors

  • In some regions, regulations may address specific considerations for female sponsors, ensuring equal rights and opportunities.
Salary Copy For Family Visa
Salary Copy For Family Visa

Additional Considerations for Entry Permits

Addressing Specifics

Foreign Passports and Foreign Residents

  • Entry Permits cater to foreign residents, offering legal status in a host country.
  • Holders of foreign passports may need Entry Permits for authorized residency.

Sponsor Residence Holder and Undertake Letter

  • A Sponsor Residence Holder is an individual responsible for sponsoring others’ Entry Permits.
  • Undertake Letters may be required, affirming the sponsor’s commitment to the well-being of the entrant.

Essential Steps

To apply for a UAE family visa, applicants must complete the necessary application forms available from relevant authorities. A crucial document is the tenancy contract, serving as proof of residence. Meeting the eligibility criteria is essential, and applicants should be mindful of any age limits imposed.

A mandatory step involves undergoing a medical examination at an approved health center. Fulfilling the sponsorship requirement is vital, as applicants need a sponsor, either a legal UAE resident or employer. Submission of documents like utility bills or a tenancy contract serves as proof of accommodation. Additionally, applicants must pay the applicable service fee and adhere to the official application process outlined by the immigration department.

family documents in dubai
Family Visa Uae Documents

Essential Services and Facilities in the UAE

In the UAE, accessing essential services and facilities is streamlined through a network of efficient resources. Typing Centers, both registered and licensed, play a pivotal role in document processing.

Residents can conveniently visit a Typing Centre, often located in prominent areas like Abu Dhabi, for various services, including document notarization. The Medical Sector is robust, with government-approved health centers and specialized medical facilities ensuring quality healthcare.

Additionally, the UAE Embassy facilitates essential services for citizens abroad. Embracing modernity, many services are accessible through an online portal, offering convenience and efficiency in navigating governmental processes in this dynamic and diverse nation.

Applying for a Family Visa in the UAE

Family Visa Application Process

To bring your family members to the UAE, you need to apply for a Family Visa. This comprehensive guide outlines the necessary documents and procedures to ensure a smooth application process.

Understanding Family Visa Eligibility

Before diving into the document requirements, it’s essential to understand the eligibility criteria for a Family Visa:

  • Job Designation: The primary applicant must have a job in the UAE, and the job designation should meet the criteria set by the relevant authorities.
  • Residency Status: Expatriate residents, including female residents and Muslim residents, are eligible to apply for a Family Visa.
  • Same-Sex Marriages: The UAE government recognizes same-sex marriages, and individuals in such unions can apply for Family Visas for their spouses.
  • 30-day Grace Period: Family members can enter the UAE within 30 days from the date of visa issuance.
salary copy in dubai
salary copy in dubai

Document Checklist for Family Visa Application

Mandatory Documents for the Primary Applicant

  1. Passport Copy: A clear copy of the passport, including the bio page and any valid UAE visas.
  2. Visa Application Form: A completed and signed visa application form is required for visa processing.
  3. Job Contract: A copy of the job contract specifying the job designation and salary.
  4. Educational Background: Copies of educational certificates attested by the relevant authorities.
  5. Passport-Sized Photos: Recent passport-sized photos with a white background.

Document Requirements for Spouse

  1. Passport Copy: Clear copies of the spouse’s passport, including the bio page and any valid UAE visas.
  2. Marriage Certificate: An attested copy of the marriage certificate.
  3. Health Insurance: Evidence of health insurance coverage for the spouse.

Document Requirements for Children

  1. Passport Copy: Clear copies of the children’s passports, including the bio page.
  2. Birth Certificates: Attested copies of the children’s birth certificates.
  3. Health Insurance: Evidence of health insurance coverage for each child.
family visa price
family visa uae documents attestation price

Submission Process and Expert Guidance

Navigating the Application Submission Process

Once you have gathered all the required documents, you can submit your Family Visa application to the relevant immigration authorities. It’s advisable to engage a dedicated team of experts or service providers who specialize in visa processing for a seamless experience.

Benefits of Seeking Expert Guidance

  • Expertise: A team of experts is well-versed in the visa application process, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.
  • Policy Updates: Service providers stay abreast of policy changes, providing up-to-date guidance.
  • Cohesive Environment: Navigating the visa process can be complex, but a dedicated team creates a cohesive environment, reducing stress for applicants.

Residency of Family Members and Renewal Process

Residency of Family Members in the UAE

Upon successful approval of the Family Visa, your family members can reside in the UAE legally. It fosters a sense of belonging and facilitates a cohesive family life in the country.

uae tenancy contract
Family visa uae without tenancy contract

Renewal Process, Documents for Family Visa UAE

  • Timely Renewal: It’s crucial to renew Family Visas before expiration to maintain legal residency status.
  • Document Check: The renewal process involves a document check to ensure continued eligibility.
  • Service Providers: Engaging service providers for renewal offers expert guidance and streamlines the process.

Ensuring a Smooth Transition with Expert Assistance

The Role of Service Providers in Family Visa Applications

Service providers play a pivotal role in guiding applicants through the Family Visa application process. Their expertise ensures that all documents are in order, and they can assist with any complexities that may arise.

Creating a Cohesive Family Environment

  • Family Reunification: Family Visas contribute to creating a cohesive environment by enabling the reunification of families.
  • Cultural Integration: Service providers often assist families in navigating cultural nuances, fostering a positive transition to life in the UAE.
  • Dedicated Assistance: A dedicated team ensures that applicants receive the necessary support throughout the entire process, from renewal application.
Legal certificate attestation
Legal certificate attestation


Document Required for Family Visa in uae careful attention to eligibility criteria. Engaging a team of experts or service providers significantly enhances the efficiency of the process, ensuring a smooth transition for your family to reside legally in the UAE.

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